So High by Furney and Locksmith has been released on Good Looking

Good News for all the people that have been asking after this track for so long. Many thanks for your patience.

So High, by Furney & Locksmith is for sale by LTJ Bukem under his new range of releases: Various Artists – Collectivism (Original 12″ Version)

Officially known as [GLRCL001DV].

If you would like to get your hands on a copy of this ‘beautiful tune’ you can follow this link to the Good Looking Store:

“‘Collectivism’ as the name suggests is a package lovingly put together by the GLR crew of some of their favourite new music that’s been mesmerising audiences all over the globe of late. If you’ve been lucky enough to attend one of this year’s many goodlooking club sessions then chances are you’ll have stepped to these. With each track a collaboration between GLR affiliated artists you can expect some of most beautiful moments in drum & bass this year with dream-teams as far as the page will flow! The perfect soundtrack accompaniment to those long summer nights ahead or those late night peak-time dance floor moments.”