Just a note to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the people that have ordered their copy of AMA001, Furney and Locksmith’s 12″ Vinyl. We have had very nice comments from lots of people.

It has been really nice to see the Drum and Bass scene, and vinyl in particular, supported from so many corners of the planet.

We have had orders from all over the world. From as far away from England as you can get, yes, Australia in the house. And from Hungary, Poland, Spain, USA, Greece, Russia, Germany, Belgium, and others I forget right now (apologies).

It has not been easy, as we are trying not to sell through the usual avenues, so promotion of the vinyl, through the AMA Sounds website has been slightly limited. We know that it will grow, with time and peoples effort, and then even more people can enjoy what we have to offer.

There will definitely be more things going on in the near future with regards to more releases. Some digital, some vinyl.

So once again, thank you. It’s very much appreciated.