This is where you can get your ears on some tunes by Amazing Musical Artists, including Furney, Locksmith and Paul SG.

This site was developed with two ideas in mind.

One was to have a separate online space for things related to two music producers. Furney and Locksmith. The idea grew to maybe include other like-minded people too.

Knowing each other, and making music together for over 10 years, they have always talked about having a place where people can come and find out what tunes are coming out and where Furney is playing. Certain social networking websites can be good for these things, but not everybody wants to be on them.

The other idea was to have a place where we could give people the opportunity to purchase music we want to release and products we would like to make available to everyone. The thought, at first, was tailored more towards releasing vinyl, as both Furney and Locksmith love the stuff and want to try and keep the great industrious art of making it alive. Quality over Quantity.
There will be digital releases available through this website though.

Furney, a great talent in the DJ booth, and equally so in the studio, has been making his own music for well over 15 years. People are always asking when his tunes will be coming out and if they will be coming out on vinyl.

Furney and Locksmith, through AMA Sounds, are releasing a Limited Edition 12″ White Label Vinyl this year [2012].
This Double A-side will be known as AMA001.
“Bells & Whistles” by Furney on one side and “Foreverness” by Locksmith on the other.

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