locksmithProducer, Locksmith has been into music, in many ways and forms, from a very early age.  Loving the rudimentary battering of different objects to create different sounds was an endless pleasure as a child.

He started playing his family’s vinyls and cassettes and quickly found that you could spinback the records and rewind the tapes hear specific parts over and over again.

He also found that you could get different effects along the way.
His love of beats, breaks and instrumental breakdowns had begun…

Starting off in the early 1990’s with a Roland JP8000, Locksmith began looking in to sound creation and production. After purchasing a computer from MC Conrad in the mid 90’s and acquiring knowledge from both Conrad and PHD, Locksmith started to make his own tunes.

Sometime after the Millenium, Locksmith met Furney. They got on very well, personally and musically, spending many years over the next decade in the studio. They went on to release vinyls such as Wake Up Mr Red and This Found You.

Also the two producers were supported by LTJ BukemBig Bud and many other top DJ’s. This led to Furney having a residency at the legendary London Nightclub Fabric, and following this, both artists featured on the Fabriclive 46 Bukem Mix CD, along with Paul SG too.

Locksmith now is working with many other producers, mainly in the Drum and Bass scene.

Locksmith is also one half of Broken Tonic. A project started in 2012. The tracks from this project will have a heavy jazz feel about them.